If My People Who Are Called… Oct21


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If My People Who Are Called…

Written by Cindy Lynne  |  Guest Contributor – Region Magazine ::

The United States of America is in Grave Danger as We All Know…

This is not a political party cry out. This is a God fearing, God honoring request for all Christians to unite across America before the election and cry out to God and let HIS will be done. This was done throughout the Bible by Israel and throughout the history of the United States of America. (The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall & David Manuel, Miracles in America by Bill Federer) We MUST repent. We MUST turn to God and implore His forgiveness and mercy, not to “make” God move, but to show Him we understand America has left her first love and we repent and desire to return.

This MAY be the very end days . . . but what if it’s not and America is to be taken over (as God turns His grace and favor from us as He did in the OT ) by one more evil than we are, due to our sin and immorality? God historically has relented when His people repented. This is Elijah vs the Prophets of Baal. This is Jehoshaphat calling  all of Judah to fast and pray and then standing with their eyes on the Lord for deliverance. Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if non- Christians and the world at large saw a mighty, surprising move of God as His people cried out?

Christians from different organizations and groups have been uniting in fasting and prayer over the past months. What if we now, ALL TOGETHER, in one Nationwide, Unified Day of Fasting Prayer, before the election, humble ourselves and ask the Lord to heal our land. (Info on Fasting below)

My request of you . . . Will you stand with me as Jehoshaphat did with our eyes on the Lord AS A UNITED Nation of the Lord’s people, in humility, asking the Lord to return His favor to us. Asking for leadership that will honor the Lord to be voted in. Asking for miracles in this election. Do we BELIEVE what we claim? Is not God the same today as He was yesterday? Is He not the God who establishes the nations? Millions turned out to support Chick-Fil-A in just 10 days. THIS CAN BE DONE.

I have sent correspondence to many leaders. IF they see we WILL unite, they will come on board. We need people to respond in mass numbers and post this and share it and LIKE it. I am an “unknown, as was Gideon, but called of God to invite you to this. Please, will you respond with a YES on Facebook page “Prayer Dare . . . Nationwide, Unified,” Mark your calendars and commit to stand before the Lord with me on November 5th, 2012?


More information is available at www.nationwideprayerdare.wordpress.com.