Getting The Most Out of Less Dec17


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Getting The Most Out of Less

Karen Butler, Owner of KBFit Says That You Can Actually Train Less and Gain More.

The science has been out for a while now but, as with everything, it takes time to trickle down to the masses.  Training less does indeed yield superior results all around.   It’s the way you train, not how much time you spend. It’s how hard you train not how long you train.  Surprisingly only 20 minutes is all it takes and believe it or not, you can get some pretty powerful results from a 10 min session.  It’s all about the timing, tempo, mode, stacking and progression ….it’s all about getting a systemic shift.  Why, because it’s going to shred fat and create shifts that fire up body systems, recalculate hormones, release HGH, which will enhance testosterone making it easier for you to  build muscle, which is critical to reshaping your body. 

So, if I’m able to shred fat and build muscle at the same, time I’m also training my heart and if I’m doing it in the most convenient, time efficient way possible, what am I going to end up with?  Yep, my best body!  And why is it my best body?  Because it’s my best sustainable body that looks and feels great!

Sure you could go and train for hours every day and go on an extreme eating protocol and get a competitors body, we could all do it, but there aren’t many of us who will do it.  And even if we did, would we be able to sustain it? The answer is clearly no.  And you shouldn’t do it either, not unless you are a professional getting paid to do it.

So, here’s how simple it is.  You put in a little bit of time and a lot of effort. You train for system shifts, using your own body weight with resistance, work in some blast moves and do it all in interval mode.  Is it simple, yes, is it easy no.  But nothing that creates tremendous value is easy,  it’s not supposed to be. 

You have the right to your best life.  You have the power to build your Best Body, but it starts with you.  It’s your right, responsibility and privilege.  Fitness is a gift you give yourself but it always benefits every around you.  Everything goes better with Fitness.  A BETTER YOU = A BETTER LIFE!