Always Remember… Sep11


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Always Remember…

We must remember 

every innocent victim,

every brave rescuer

and every brave hero,

who died in honor.


As the 11th year anniversary of the September 11th 2001 murderous terrorist attack arrives, certainly many people feel that the events of that day must never be forgotten.

I personally hope in some way that in our 21st century where everything is expected yesterday, and it seems that many of our attention spans are often less than the length of a 30 minute sitcom or the length of a 140 character tweet. We will never… NEVERforget the cowardly and demonic acts that were perpetrated against our country, our freedoms and thousands of truly innocent lives. The fight for our freedoms and the safety of ourselves, our loved ones and for our nations future is unfortunately far from over.

I am not seeking revenge, merely justice for those thousands of innocent lives taken by willful men, in pursuit of their own selfish agendas. Their cause was, and is not just, nor is their cause and actions true to the word of ANY God or legitimate prophet. We must remember every innocent victim, every brave rescuer and every brave hero, who died in honor. We must always remember every family that still lives in grief. We must remember the fire and ash, the last phone calls from the hero’s on our airplanes and the thousands of funerals of innocent children, loving parents, brothers, sisters, and brave rescuers.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing” …