YOU Are An Exquisite Work of ART Feb06


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YOU Are An Exquisite Work of ART

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Sonia Genevieve-Sherri Says… “You Are Being Turned Into Something So Very Beautiful…”

What if I told you that every single event that happened while you are alive was a predestined plan to mold you into the most amazing human being possible? What if all you could see was that each seeming problem was in fact a huge blessing in disguise, an opportunity for internal development that could not occur in any other way? 

Right now, you may be facing some great disappointments either in relationships, work, family members, money or your health. You like I, probably think that if you could just eliminate that problem and make it vanish, life would magically turn into a state of beauty. Well, guess what? That is one of the great human illusions.  We think adversity is “BAD” and we need to get rid of it as quickly as possible!! Furthermore we believe that these undesirable situations are our enemy and WAR is our great strategy. We live in a constant battle with our own destiny. In fact we have single handedly placed ourselves in an unnecessary war with life itself. While you are at war with your soul, you never look deep enough into it to see the opportunity it offers to graduate beyond the place you are in. 

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If I have ‘learnt’ anything this year ;-) often failing miserably, it is that what defines us is not the situation, but how we handle intense disappointments. What really matters is HOW we deal with them when they arise. Last year I was in the middle of what seemed to be a massive attack on my life. I felt totally overwhelmed by an unending army of insoluble problems, and each day I watched myself slipping deeply into a state of panic and despair.

One afternoon, I walked down to my local beach hoping to find some peace or better yet actually hear the voice of God. There was no one on the stretch of beach when I arrived. I sat there near the water and began to watch the water breaking upon the shore. Suddenly, I felt a surge of anger rising up from within.

Perhaps it was the sound of the shore crashing that reminded me of how I too, felt pounded by life. Or perhaps I had finally reached my emotional limit. Tears began to stream down my face, and with mascara running everywhere I cried out… “I HATE THIS!  STOP THIS HORRID ATTACK!” For several minutes I rambled on as the sea rumbled back. Finally I stopped crying, closing my swollen eyes. And then as clear as can be, I heard a strong, calm voice from within me say: “Would you ever have really needed me if all you had were wonderful things happened to you?”

I began to consider what it really was about, this personal attack and the surrounding events in my life that I hated so much. The answer came in a second: “Because it makes me feel vulnerable, betrayed, out of control, un-liked, insecure, inadequate, and stuck.” YUCK how ugly!! No wonder I hated this place, It exposed every undesirable emotion hidden at the bed of my soul. So was it the actual attack I hated?

NO, it was what it was uncovering that had been lurking inside of me long before this season of my life. This experience was like a surgeon’s knife, slicing me open and exposing the parts that couldn’t make the journey. What it revealed was that so much of me still defaulted to my own independence. 

There is a classic metaphor that has been used in many teachings around the world: It is the image of the potter and the clay. It is the great workmanship of a loving potter, creating something truly beautiful; designing its perfect shape. When you observe this in real-time, it will radically transform your experience of life. Safely cupped in powerful hands, the clay is reshaped, reformed and it is impeccably molded into an exquisite work of art unlike any other.

No matter what kind of pain or loss we experience, the impact that it has on us will always be the same:  It wakes you up and pay attention to rough edges, vulnerable angels or unnoticed character flaws. It drives us to look deeper into truth and even though we cannot see it, hidden in the poison of our pain is our greatest freedom. 

If you have indeed invited growth or asked to be taken to higher ground, this is life responding. What did we expect that kind of life changing transformation to look like? A few rough days, a few small revelations? No! Big lessons require big events to get them across. You are being turned into something so very beautiful, and all you need to do is give it creative license in terms of how it is reshaping you.

Destiny will use everything that you hold on to; your relationships, work, family members, money, your body, and whatever you’re attached to and care about to create the best you within the grip of grace. 

From my heart to yours,


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